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You want to do business with a company that has both the experience and expertise to solve your problems. Fact: we have been in this business under the same name for over 25 years.


Why should you throw out a perfectly good shower head if all you need is a fifty cent washer or a small part? It just doesn’t make any sense, and that’s why we stock all replacement parts and can service every product we sell. Call us old-fashioned, but If you have a problem we’ll fix it. It’s that simple.


You want to do business with a company that guarantees your satisfaction. Fact: we give our customers a guarantee that is second to none. Please click on the the red guarantee stamp to see this for yourself.

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Compare our credentials and guarantee to any other company. See for yourself, there is no comparison whatsoever.


Avoid scams. Our products are only available directly from us, at this one website, and nowhere else.

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