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Just wanted to say that I had a great deal of skepticism, having tried like, 5 different shower heads, cleaned the ones I did have incessantly and performed all sorts of weird maneuvers to try and make more water come out of my shower pipes. I pretty much gave up but decided to troll the internet one last time. I found your site, gritted my teeth and spent the money. Best darned purchase in a loooong time. It has been over 6 months and I'm still ever so happy with my shower head. I have waist-length hair so getting it wet and shampooed and rinsed is an ORDEAL with low water pressure. With your shower head it is a breeze. Great product, highly recommend to EVERYONE suffering from low water pressure.
– Keira R., Pacifica, CA

OK so I climbed into the shower this morning very dubiously. I have to say I absolutely love my new shower. My husband who happens to have no opinion on anything in the world actually commented on his great new shower. So success all around. Many thanks for creating a great product Yours, Super-clean!
– Julie V., Jersey City

I just wanted to let you know my shower head arrived yesterday and I immediately installed it. OMG what a wonderful showerhead!! This morning I was LOVING my shower! It was the best shower I have had in the 11 years I have lived where I do!! I don't know how it does such a wonderful job with the very low water pressure I have been living with. I just wish I had had this many years ago. I love this product and will definitely recommend your company with its great products and customer service to my friends.
– Lisa F., Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for taking care of us so quickly. We received the shower head yesterday. WOW!!! It is absolutely great! Was a little skeptical, but it is JUST LIKE your website describes. I am very happy and will be referring others who want a great shower. Thanks again!!!
– Jackie O., Gordon, OH

Your fire hydrant spa showerhead delivered on its promise - Imagine 4 apartments in an old carriage house, old plumbing - a cold trickle was all that could be managed - now a hot shower is possible. Cannot say enough about this product - my skeptical husband is still trying to figure out how it works! Thank you, thank you!
– Kathleen K., North Tonawanda, NY

Received my order today, installed it, turned it on...WOW, I can't wait to get a shower tomorrow morn. What a difference in the pressure. Thank you so much for making this great product!
– Marilou Y. Sarasota

The Spa Shower Head is GREAT! We recently placed a mobile home on our farm in Alabama as a get-away-place. Our water supply is from a spring pump with low pressure. These shower heads are absolutely great.
– Joe K., Tullahoma

This is the real deal. This is what I have been looking for for years!!! My water pressure isn't terrible, but not great. The new shower head seems to more than double the pressure!! And it seems to use much less water. Shampoo just comes right out of your hair. If you are looking for 'Hotel Quality' showers- this is it!!!
– Bryan H., Woodstock, GA

AWESOME shower head...lived in my house for 25 years I never thought I could have pressure for my showers. THANK YOU...great product..
– JoAnn M., Jensen Beach, FL

I received my showerhead on Monday. Installed it and it was like a new shower was put in in my sleep. I love my new showerhead and now my water pressure is excellent in the shower. Thank you very much.
– Shawn W., Constable, NY

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